With the implementation of the tactics outlined in this strategy, Keosauqua will be well on its way to a more vibrant future. Keosauqua will be better positioned to attract people to live, work, learn, and play in town instead of having them select nearby communities.

However, while the specific tactics and actions are laid out here, the successful implementation of this playbook will take a sustained commitment from all in the community. It will require open, transparent leadership that is inclusive of all residents. It will require a new level of trust and collaboration across community groups. Ultimately, the success of Keosauqua will require new leaders to be engaged now and into the future on a regular basis. This group must be embraced by the current cohort of leaders, their ideas must be valued, and they must have meaningful opportunities to transform the community. Simply because something didn’t work in the past does not mean that it absolutely won’t work in the future.

In short, rural communities like Keosauqua are at a crossroads. If the community can come together to effectively implement this action plan — and ideas that arise in the years to come — in an open and inclusive manner, it will thrive into the future.

The path has been laid out. Now, it’s up to the Engage Keosauqua team to live up to the group’s name.

Go engage and inspire other Keosauquans. Rally them around the vision. Forge ahead and create a more vibrant future together.