Tucked in the “big bend” of the Des Moines River, Keosauqua is a hidden Iowa treasure. The community has the makings of a great small town: shared core values, charming shops, natural amenities, and historic architecture. There are no stoplights or fast food restaurants in all of Van Buren County, but locally-owned Misty’s Malt Shop has garnered a following thanks to its world-famous black raspberry ice cream.

While it oozes with charm, Keosauqua still faces the same challenges that nearly every community – large or small – runs into, including housing and workforce issues. Forty percent of Keosauqua residents work elsewhere, and just eleven new housing units have been constructed since 2010.

With this placemaking action plan, Keosauqua leaders are stepping up to change those numbers and to move towards a more vibrant future for the community and its 1,029 residents.