Greene County
Cultural Action Plan

Greene County, Iowa, has long strived to support a high quality of life for its residents. The county has a diverse rural economy, and also recognizes it must be proactive in positioning itself for future success; jobs alone will not ensure a prosperous future.

This strategy targets additional future success for the county in terms of culture, recreation, and economic development.The strategy recognizes that all communities in the area must be engaged in a comprehensive community development strategy focused on these factors. Specifically, this strategy seeks to implement livable, equitable community solutions community members have recognized as crucial to Greene County’s continued vibrancy.


Residents’ ideas are essential to any community planning effort. After all, they know the community best. Through three visioning sessions, residents shared their hopes and dreams for their community. They contemplated what is missing in Greene County, what is needed to support workforce development, and what would make Greene County a vibrant destination.

Several themes emerged from these three sessions, including:

  • An indoor/outdoor sports complex
  • An indoor pool
  • An aquatic center
  • A business class restaurant
  • A brewery
  • Walkable downtown that promotes retail
  • Trail connections
  • School bond referendum

Residents believe there is the opportunity to expand live music offerings, youth activities, and connections between parks, trails, and rivers. They also noted there are updates needed to school infrastructure and housing.

Action Plan Description

Based on community feedback and quantitative research, eight catalytic initiatives have emerged to transform Greene County. Specific engineering, funding, and marketing efforts will be essential in moving these projects forward.

  • School District Facilities
  • Business Class Restaurant/Brewpub
  • 3-Block Downtown Revitalization
  • Daycare Expansion & Coworking Space
  • Housing
  • Regional Communities
  • Complete Streets
  • Connectivity