Our mission

Atlas Community Studios helps rural communities plan for growth through collaborative strategic planning and simple to execute, realistic plans.

We are connectors who find the right people, the right resources, and the right places and bring them together to help transform communities.

Meet the team

Our philosophy

At Atlas, we believe that money is never a problem.

If you have a dream for your community, but no idea how to gather the funding to bring it to reality, we can help.

For every project we create as part of our action plan, we create a full funding model from a wide array of sources including state, regional, county, and city dollars, private sources, and fundraising efforts.

We are…

collaborative partners

The process starts with visioning sessions where community members share what makes their town unique and what they desire to have in their own backyards.

That individualized, collaborative approach is what sets us apart from other economic development initiatives.

We don’t come in with preconceived ideas of what your community needs. We let the people who live there tell us.


Recruitment and retention of a talented workforce are two of the most important issues for businesses.

It can be more convenient for businesses to look to urban areas for available, qualified talent, but revitalized rural communities are the next frontier for businesses and entrepreneurs.

We can help by connecting businesses to communities seeking transformation.

Goal achievers

With policy experience and an expansive skill set, we can help your community reach its goals.

We have the experience to help you identify the right leaders, the right opportunities, and the right connections.

We know how to create and measure growth that matters and find the money to realize these projects.

Our partners

Atlas works with a variety of people and organizations around the country to inform our decisions and educate the communities we work with.